As Proses Makina Company, we are now serving with our experience of more than 15 years, on the way we started with precious metal refining from jewelry waste. From machinery design to plant installation, we have processes based on gold refining, precious metal recovery and rare metal production.

Recycling and metal recovery facilities of electronic wastes, catalytic converters, spent catalysts, lithium-ion batteries are established by making designs in accordance with the desired capacity and characteristics. Likewise, by creating processes for the production of desired metals from the mining field, a facility is set up with appropriate equipment.

Jewelry scrap is more common in gold and silver refining than mining. Because the amount of gold in jewelry scrap is already high and it does not require enrichment operations. In addition, unused jewelry scrap is increasing due to cash-outs. The profit margin increases in parallel with the continuous increase in the gold price. When the amount of gold is the same, the economic value it provides is higher. Gold is produced from jewelery scrap with a purity of 99.99 by refining. 99.999 purity can be reached with gold electrolysis after refining. According to the process to be applied afterwards, gold or silver can be poured as granules or made bars with gold melting.