Electrolysis is one of the methods used to recover metals with high purity. It is used in metal production from mining and recycling areas. Copper electrolysis, silver electrolysis and gold electrolysis are encountered most frequently in the industry. Unlike refining and leaching methods, it is possible to obtain metal with much higher purity. It is very easy to get good results from electrolysis if done correctly. However, the technology and knowledge required to successfully perform electrolysis are rare.

Copper, which is found in waste, scrap and ores, is produced by electrolysis at 99.99% purity after the necessary chemical processes are applied. Gold and silver electrolysis also has an important place in the precious metal trade and is used to obtain gold and silver at very high purities.

Electrolysis System involves;

  • Circulation Pump,
  • Short Circuit Prevention,
  • Filter,
  • Discharge Valve,
  • Granule Bags,
  • Redresser