Gold Refining Plant By Aqua Regia

What can be dissolved in Aqua Regia?

Aqua Regia has been widely used from past to present to take precious metals such as gold and platinum from solid to solution. The aqua regia process is necessary for the reshaping and modeling of products that have completed their shelf life or become obsolete, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, which are scrapped especially in the jewelry industry. Likewise, gold alloys are dissolved in aqua regia and turned into wedge ingots.

How to make Aqua Regia?

Aqua Regia is obtained by mixing hydrochloric acid and nitric acid at 3/1 ratios by volume. Gold alloys, jewelry scrap and even gold ore are processed in the gold refining plant. In the Gold Refining Plant by Aqua Regia, the chemicals to be used are designed with the appropriate equipment until the process is completed and the final product is obtained.

How to process gold with Aqua Regia?

The dissolution of gold in aqua regia takes place in the reactor in the refining system. The amount of aqua regia to be used in high gold-containing materials such as gold alloy and jewelry scrap is much less than gold ore. Although it is very easy to dissolve gold in aqua regia, it is highly likely that you will not be able to get all the gold if you do not have the knowledge with the necessary tricks. Therefore, in cases where the necessary information is not available, reliable support should be obtained.

How should be a gold refining plant?

In the facility, the interaction of the reactor, where the chemical process will take place, with the external environment should be prevented. Acid fumes that will form during the process are harmful to the environment and human health. Therefore, it should not be released into the environment without being neutralized. There is a cover on the reactor at Proses Makina’s aqua regia gold refining facility. In this way, the gas formed during the chemical process is not given out. Another issue is that the emitted gas should not be washed directly. The gas that goes directly to the washing causes a decrease in the amount of solution after a while. It is undesirable to reduce the amount of acid caused by evaporation during the process. It affects both process efficiency, process time and the resulting cost. It is necessary to use more chemicals and extend the process time. However, Proses Makina has eliminated this problem by designing a condensation unit for the acid gas outlet from the reactor. The evaporated and remaining acid gas can be condensed and given back to the reactor.

How to make yellow (metallic) gold from brown powder?

The gold that passes into the solution is precipitated as brown powder in the settling tanks with the necessary chemicals and know-how. The brown powder, gold, melts into the yellow, or metallic, form commonly known. 99.99% pure gold is obtained in aqua refining plants. In this process, gold granules, kilobars, wedges, alloys, etc. facilities and equipment are provided in accordance with which form is desired to be produced such as, or which form is requested as raw material for the next steps.

How can i reach 99.999 purity gold?

In addition, 99.99 purity gold, produced in the gold refining plants by aqua regia, can reach up to 99.999 purity by electrolysis method. In such cases, a gold electrolysis system is provided to the facility.

Proses Makina manufactures and installs PLC controlled last technology turnkey plants in gold refining systems. It provides technical support and training with its experienced and know-how working team.

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