Induction Furnace

Induction is used to heat or melt metallic workpieces at specified temperatures and times. Induction heating, melting, and hardening are gaining widespread use today due to ease of control, high efficiency, low material losses, suitability for fully automated production and no environmental pollution. High frequency power is needed for surface heating and non-magnetic parts. Therefore, the power supply is min. it must provide a few kW of power. According to the induction system, the type and size of the material and the purpose of the heat treatment, alternative voltage or power sources with frequency values ranging from 50 Hz to 2 MHz are needed. Chiller is also used as a cooling system.

Advantages of Induction Furnace;

  • Melting time for metals is very short.
  • Ability to heat desired parts of the surface instead of heating the whole piece.
  • Using the power only for heating when necessary – no necessity to maintain continuous oven temperature.
  • Providing the user with the opportunity to work better than fuel oil or gas fired furnaces.
  • No air pollution due to gases used in other ovens.
  • Excellent mixing of alloys in melting.
  • Very easy and precise control of the oven temperature.