Package Treatment System (Wastewater Treatment System)

In package treatment systems, wastewater is taken to the aeration section by the promotion pump. In order to realize these processes, air is supplied to the ventilation section with a blower and distributed with the help of diffusers. In the aeration section, the process of settling organic polluted wastewater is carried out. Afterwards, the treated water remaining in the upper part is discharged and removed from the system.

  • As the ventilation and sedimentation process takes place in the same tank, package treatment is a compact unit and takes less space than other systems.
  • Discharges are suitable the standards.
  • In package treatment systems, the number of electrical equipment is low. Energy consumption is small due to (blower, submersible pump, chlorine dosing pump).
  • Because it works automatically, it is easy to maintain and operate, it is economical.
  • Package treatment tanks can be manufactured in different capacities and sizes.