What Are Gold Carats

Gold is a rare element with atomic number 79 on the periodic table with the symbol Au. Because of this feature, it is one of the naturally occurring elements with the highest atomic number. The purest form of gold is generally; It is a bright, slightly reddish yellow, dense, soft, malleable, and flexible metal. The reason why this metal is valuable is because it does not rust. Gold metal is a metal that does not oxidize as its chemical properties are not affected by water and air. It does not react to most chemicals and dissolves with strong acid mixtures. This precious metal has been a valuable metal for money and jewelry making throughout history. In addition, it is used in the electronics industry, dentistry, aerospace industry, airline vehicles, medicine, the chemical industry, and many other sectors.

The purity of gold in any alloy is expressed in carats. Its general use in the world is karat or gold fineness. Pure gold is 24 carats (100% gold) and is too soft to be used in jewelry. Completely pure, that is, 100% (actually 999.9 per thousand) gold represents 24 carats. Gold with a purity of 91.6% is known as 22 carats. Gold with a purity of 75% is considered to be 18 carats. Gold, which has a purity of 58.3%, is 14 carats.

If you cannot find the right carat in the gold market, you risk losing customers or money. You can easily calculate the correct setting for gold in the tuning house offered to its customers by Proses Makina. 40 different instruments are used in a small fire assay analysis laboratory. It requires a detailed and precise study. These laboratories are established by Proses Makina and customers are trained on their use.

What Are The Types Of Gold?

It is offered in various colors such as gold, white, red, and yellow. It is called red if gold mixed with copper, yellow if mixed with silver, white gold if it contains metals such as nickel or platinum.

The unit of measure of gold in the markets is ounce. 1 ounce is accepted as 28.349 grams in England and 30.59 grams in France. In the international market, 1 ounce is accepted as 31.10 grams. In addition, gold prices are monitored in international markets as indexed to dollars.

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