Why is Gold Valuable?

Gold is a metal that is resistant to acids, can be found freely in nature, can be easily processed, and is not affected by air and water, with its bright yellow color. It does not rust, does not tarnish, and can be easily shaped in its pure state. Due to its superior physical and chemical properties, it is the mine among the precious metals whose discovery has the most important results. It has dragged people after it for centuries, causing war and peace. Gold, sometimes in the form of jewellery, sometimes in the form of a reserve tool, sometimes in the form of bullion due to its aesthetics, and sometimes in the form of money due to its feature of exchange, has been the most valuable metal of all time.

Where Is Gold Used?

Gold is scarce to shine and relatively easy to work, making it an attractive metal. For this reason, gold has been used as jewelry throughout history. Gold is used in jewelry, electronics, dentistry, decoration, medal making, official coins.

What Does The Rise Of Gold Depend On?

As cash flow increases, purchasing power increases and demand for gold increases. Thus, the price of gold increases. Because the amount of gold will not change, but the price will increase because there is more demand. Again, the increase in demand causes the price of gold to rise.

What Affects The Gold Price?

The factors affecting gold prices are mainly; world inflation, US government bond yield, dollar/euro parity, US inflation rate, US inflation adjusted interest rates, US M1 money supply, US real sector confidence index, crude oil and natural gas prices, silver and copper prices, world gold reserves, key stock market indexes.

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