Zero Emission at Gold Refining Process

Gold is commonly used in today’s world from luxury accessories to electronic devices. The global gold supply is provided by mining (about 70%) and recycling. Therefore, gold refining process plays a vital role in recent times. There is no doubt that precious metals have major environmental impacts such as using chemicals for extraction. Proses Makina works on innovative solutions to reduce these environmental effects, make the process more effective and environmentally friendly.

The gases from the acids used in the leaching stage of the system are released to the environment without any treatment, it poses a great risk for environment and workers. So, the fumes of released gases are purified in our gas cleaning system. Our gas cleaning system consists of three scrubber tanks and cleans process gases with high efficiency. Thus, a closed system is offered without any off-gases; also, purification of off-gases provides high recovery of precious metals.     

Our gold refining system focuses on not only extraction gold but also ensuring clean and safe refining process. Thanks to our solutions, it is possible to obtain benefits such as:

  • Easy Operation and High Efficiency
  • Low Operation Time
  • High Recovery Rate
  • Low Consumption of Ingredient
  • No Toxic Gas Release
  • Reduce the Labor Factor
  • Remote Control System

With our innovative solutions, we aim to reduce environmental risks along with energy and process efficiency for our customers. Also, we facilitate the operations of the entire process with the monitoring system and provide remote support.

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