What is Scrap Gold?

Scrap gold is usually second hand jewelery that is bought and used. When we want to exchange any gold jewelery we have bought, it is now considered as scrap. In addition, when all gold-plated products are desired to be sold, they are considered as gold scrap. Examples include a gold-plated watch remain from our grandfather, gold-plated cutlery, or ancient gold coins. In recent years, many electronic products are sold at high prices such as gold scrap due to their content includes gold, silver, copper, and palladium. Briefly, scrap gold refers to recycled gold from jewelery and other industries.

Especially the times of the economic crisis and the excessive increase in the gold price are the periods when the gold scrap changes hands the most. At such times, jewelers begin to sell old-fashioned gold jewelery, the gold they have scrapped and the scrap gold from customers, after melting them together into standard bullion gold, and then selling them to wholesale gold trading enterprises.

Jewelers usually melt the scrap gold they buy and use it in the production of new jewelry. Scrap gold that sold goes through a series of processes for reuse. Separating gold from impurities is troublesome (unless it is 100% pure gold), and due to its nature, gold cannot be easily melted and turned into artisanal work. Heavy acids are used for all these processes. In addition, specially made machines and treatment systems are required. Proses Makina produces specially designed machines for Gold Refining. Pure gold can be reached after the processes made with these machines, which are produced with the zero-waste principle. In addition, the system that neutralizes the acids used is offered to its customers by Proses Makina together with the gold refining machine.

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